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One thing that I failed to mention in my last post, which is an extremely useful feature of Twitter that has enabled me to find many of the people that I currently follow is the “Track” feature.

You can simply type “track X”, or “track X Y Z” and twitter will automatically send you anything that anyone says that includes that word or combination of words.

Politweets is a great, and recent example of this awesome feature in use. It tracks what people are saying about all of the presidential candidates, and presents the comments side by side in a nicely designed interface.


Steve O’Hear gives a great overview of this over at ZDNet, as does Josh Catone at Read/WriteWeb who also gives some other great examples of the power of the Twitter “Track” feature.

Just one more reason to start using Twitter! :-)

Have you come across any other extremely useful Twitter mashups? I’d love to check them out.

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AideRSS = Awesome!

Posted By on Aug 1, 2007

I came across an awesome new app today called AideRSS

AideRSS allows you to easily track the amount of buzz/response your blog posts have generated.

They also have created a scoring system called PostRank™, which ranks blog posts based on relevance and reaction/buzz.

Rather than rehash a lot of what has already been said, here are some great detailed write ups:

Sunir Shah from Freshbooks.

Josh Catone from ReadWriteWeb

Pete Cashmore from Mashable

I’m hooked. :-)

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