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I walked into Starbucks Friday afternoon for a cup of tea, and came across this:

I knew what was coming… :-)

Starbucks recently launched a new site called, powered by Salesforce Ideas.

I love it when I see a company (especially a large name company like Starbucks), utilizing technology to listen to and involve their customers in more of what they do.

I thought it was cool that they were populating ideas that were brought up prior to launching the site, like this one:

Please go back to your original idea of an European coffee house and get rid of the
extraneous items like cds, stuffed animals, countless foods and all that factory
holiday junk. I love the original Starbucks better. And Howard Schultz, I love you.

- An idea from our Annual Meeting of Shareholders on March 19, 2008 in Seattle

Jeremiah gave some good quick thoughts here, and Jim Bruene over at NetBanker added some great thoughts here as well.

Great move Starbucks, and wonderful execution on the roll out of the site and marketing campaign. Now the challenge will become being agile enough to respond and execute on the top rated ideas as soon as possible. Do it now, as early as possible. It will really pay off.

I’d love to talk to the individual at Starbucks that was responsible for making this happen.

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Phil Wainewright posted a great post regarding the lack of a mutual fund specializing in investing in SaaS companies.

This is definitely something I would love to see.  With companies like Netsuite, and Successfactors teed up to for their IPOs, and others like Constant Contact having recently completed theirs, there are a great number of SaaS companies that together would make a great fund.

Here’s another great article on the topic of SaaS IPO’s by Chris Cabrera, CEO of Xactly.  Xactly is another SaaS company that would be a fine addition to a SaaS mutual fund once they go public.

I just sold my (CRM) stock for a large gain… someone get moving on this. :-)

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